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Van Preston has music in her blood. Born in a small town in Arkansas she’s the oldest of three children born to parents who encouraged her musical nature. This gave her the support and inspiration to strive to succeed at whatever she ventured to do. She first began singing and writing songs when she was a little kid. She woman several talent competitions in school. Van even played trumpet throughout high school. Graduating as Valedictorian in her class Van earned a full scholarship to Shimer College in Chicago. When she got to college she devoted her energy to getting her to getting some of her lyrics published. She did take a diversion on this route to singing stardom in order to earn a degree in Business Administration from the College at St. Catherine.

Van continues to receive awards for her talent through She’s also hitting the road to promote her debut CD in 2006. She was a finalist in the Colgate Country Showdown Summer 2005. She also was selected to perform at the MEANYFEST Rock Conference in New York 2005, showing her stuff at the world renowned club, CBGB’s. Her music can be heard around the world on the various world music television and radio channels. Her hit “Absolutely Broken” receives significant airplay on the web and in the secondary market. “Heartbroke For The Last Time” is also getting a lot of airtime on Americana and country stations around the globe. Her self-titled CD is great display of the soulful talent she has. From the slower song “Why” to the rollicking tune “Toy” Van gives the listener a clear look at the panorama of her vocal and writing skills. Van wrote or co-wrote 6 of the songs on this debut CD. Get out and see this star on the rise if she comes to your town.

Van tells you more about her career through the CyberCountry Video Podcast here.

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She sings, writes and sells homes. While that’s not the usual description of many country music singers it is the background for one of country’s newest promising stars. Van Preston’s unique life only adds to her unique writing and singing style. Like a lot of people who come to Nashville with their dreams in a guitar case Van decided to follow her dream after she went through some difficult circumstances in her life. Through the problems, though, comes a colorful portrayal of the everyday details of life each of us endure.