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Traditionally, the idea behind the word "mission" isn't associated with country artists. That term brings to mind thoughts of endeavoring to instill new ideas in others and eventually winning them over. While you might not think of that idea when it comes to older artists, though many may have had that thought, the word "mission" fits the group Trick Pony like a new set of nuclear powered high top sneakers. Before this trio, comprised of Heidi Newfield, Keith Burns and Ira Dean, came from different spots on the country music map. Keith built his musical muscle playing with Joe Diffie's band. Ira was playing with Tanya Tucker. Heidi was a voice and an amazing harp player looking for a place to let the rest of the world hear her fantastic voice. In the spring of 2001, country radio listeners began to hear a knock female voice belting out the song "Pour Me", which was reminiscent of the best hard driving country songs from years past. This unique song made many in the country music community take notice. It also made the country audience go out and buy their self titled CD. When it was all said and done, Trick Pony ended up with two more hits from that CD, a gold record, the American Music Award for Favorite New Country Artist and the Academy of Country Music's Top New Vocal Group of the Year Award. If you enjoyed Trick Pony's first CD, you might want to scramble down to your nearest CD retailer and pick up a copy of their new CD, "On A Mission". The 12 songs in this musical free for all are a blast to listen to.

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