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Canada has contributed many things to country music and the country lifestyle. Besides the obvious (Shania Twain, Terri Clark, The Calgary Stampede, the Northern LIghts), a new voice can be added to the musical contributions coming from the frosty north. Tracy Reynolds began her musical quest the way most musicians do by getting the positive input from a musical family. She started singing when she was a child at schools and theaters. The then moved on to festivals. Tracy also managed to get a degree since college could only add to her country music experience. Once this foundation was laid her musical career construction plan was taking shape. Tracy’s first gig was a 4 hour stint at a Holiday Inn in Denver, Colorado which paid $75.00. This led to over two years of playing to crowds loving her music as she lived in a van stuffed with the instruments and inspirational items necessary for the struggling musician to survive. She managed to travel and perform in 26 states and her native Canada getting rave reviews wherever she went. Next thing you know she was on her way to Nashville ready to do what it took to make it in country. While she did a few odd jobs as most do to get in the door, her talent for communication made her a natural as a songwriter. To date, she has won an award from Billboard and had over 10 songs recorded by the likes of George Jones, John Anderson and Ken Mellons. She’s also used her exterior beauty and charm to get cast in music videos with stats like Eddy Raven and Jo-El Sonnier and films with stars like Martin Sheen and Andy Griffith. Jerry Cupit of Cupit Records was very impressed with her writing and musical talents. He definitely sees great things for her. He says, “Tracy’s a dream artist for a producer; she writes and sings great and sounds only like Tracy Reynolds. I’m very proud of this project. Tracy is one of those people who is always positive and wearing a smile; much of her music reflects this.”

You can hear more of her on her debut CD, ‘The Places She Goes’, which has received great press from those who have heard it. For more information about her or her CD, visit her webpage here: