A native of Willow Springs, Texas, Todd began work on his family’s 400 acre cattle ranch when he was a kid. Despite the hard work of ranching Todd learned and, from the sound of it, enjoyed his time as a Texas kid working the ranch. With real world experience like that it’s hard not to see Todd devoting part of his energy to pass on that real world inspiration to the rest of us. Todd says, “Man, when you’re on the radio, people think you’re rich and you’ve got big cars. But I really work. Sometimes I’ll get home off the road at 5 a.m. and I’ll have to be up again at 6 or 7 in the morning.”

Todd’s extensive touring has included dates in Europe as well as the United States. Back in 2003 the duet, “Every Honky Tonkin’ Hero (Has His Day)”, which he sang with Gary P. Nunn went to number 3 on the European Country Music Association charts. During this time he wrangled a ton of new fans on the other side of the pond.

About his career Todd says, “I want to put on a show my granny can come to. You’re not going to catch me cussin’ and that’s just the way it should be. Sure, we play college towns and dancehalls. But I really want to gain a fan base of young and old. I don’t want to be a fad, and I think I can appeal to everyone with songs they can grab onto.”

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These days people really don’t take the time to appreciate where they’ve been. In the high speed world of modern times we blow right by everything we used to hold dear. Todd Fritsch isn’t one of those people. Being a working rancher as well as a fairly talented singer keep him grounded to the Texas roots from which he sprang 25 years ago.

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