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Remember the last time you were in East Tennessee? Surrounded by the lovely Smoky Mountain landscape, hearing nothing but the voice of the wind singing the simple truths of life. Country music's foundation is in that truth, though many times the worldly temptations of pop music profit have lead the country faithful away from the altar of musical truth. Before this writer breaks off into another country musical revival message, it might be a good idea to introduce the Larkins who are part of country music's restoration movement. The Larkins' traditional sound is one sure-footed step in that direction.

Shaunna and Tina Larkin, 21 years old and 19 years old respectively, made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry on July 7, 2001. That first appearance made such a great impression they were asked to return for an encore performance a few months later when their schedule allowed. Their musical heritage is pure East Tennessee. They share the same musical roots of Dolly Parton. After hearing them perform, she invited them to perform at her entertainment venue, Dollywood, for the past 8 years. Shaunna and Tina's parents, Lowell and Barbara, are great musical artists as well. Coming from three generations of musical talent and encouragement from none other than the likes of Dolly Parton, the Larkins are off to a great start with their first self-titled release for Audium Records, due in stores July 8th.

On this CD, any thought of the country/pop/rap/whatever musical sound infesting country today runs away rapidly. From the first cut, 'Lay Your Memory Down' to the last cut, 'Kiss and Tell' you will be given what can only be described as pure golden country music. The really unique thing about the sound of this CD is its consistently true adherence to the country sound. The Larkins producer for this CD is Bruce Bouton, a true country veteran who contributed to Ricky Skaggs traditional country sound in the 1980s. Bruce says of the Larkins, "I see the next generation and the next bright new hope for our music. They're true to their roots but there's a new energy that's turned everything up a notch or two to really reach the listeners of today. Being young and beautiful the Larkins will reach kids who are turning on to a more traditional sound for perhaps the first time."
Keep an eye out for these two in future. Maybe as 'New Artists of the Year' or 'Duo of the Year'?

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