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SweetWater Jade has performed on stages for thousands of rockers to country honky-tonks. They’ve also opened for the Beach Boys, Sammy Kershaw, Dierks Bentley, Josh Turner, and Aaron Tippin. Kelsey, Jeanna, and Whitney have performed with Jerry Lee Lewis, Marty Stuart, The Williams Brothers, Carola, an international Swedish pop star, and alongside James Burton. They were also presented as Mississippi's Future Grammy Contenders at the Peavey Awards, the Liberty Bowl, Mississippi Dixie National Rodeo, Statue of Liberty 4th of July Celebration, and the Grand Ole Opry Hotel in Nashville.

Their strong Christian faith has helped Kelsey, Jeanna, and Whitney keep their eyes on why they’re doing what they’re doing. A good friend, the late Scott Mateer, a veteran Mississippi radio personality and Grammy nominated songwriter, said many encouraging things about the music of SweetWater Jade. Kelsey says, “One of our close friends, Scott Mateer once said, ‘God didn't give you this talent; He is just loaning you this talent of singing. He is loaning it to you long enough to make a difference for others. Our album will be dedicated to Scott Mateer to thank him for all of his hard work.”

Though they understand the road will be long and arduous, the girls of SweetWater Jade know their strong foundation laid in faith and talent will take them far along their chosen career path. “After all the experiences we've been through and to get this far, I believe that singing is what we were meant to do,” says Kelsey.

SweetWater Jade is up for the challenges of Music Row and beyond. “We've listened to the advice of others knowing that everything falls into place at the end. Singing together as SweetWater Jade is what we long to do everyday,” says Jeanna with a smile.

When you first see them you don’t get the impression you’re looking at anything even remotely connected to country music. But if you give them just a couple of seconds to connect with each other for an impromptu concert what you will have is a great display of harmony. Kelsey Carroll, Jeanna Upchurch, and Whitney Hennigan comprise the rising country group, SweetWater Jade. All three of these melodic serenaders have a definite feel and love for modern country music. With roots in Mississippi Kelsey, Jeanna and Whitney are connected through three common interests: hard work, one dedicated voice teacher and a love for music. It was their voice teacher who put the pieces of this musical machine together. At this encouragement all three girls decided to unite for competition in a musical contest at the Mississippi State Fair. “Our goal was to perform in the group category at the fair. After the competition, we had so much fun singing as a group we decided to continue. We started as a group wanting to do competitions and then we started getting more opportunities to sing at places,” Kelsey says.