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Hall first called Bush to see if he wanted to write music together. This was a welcome break for him since he felt that Billy Pilgrim had become more like work than fun. With his pregnant wife and his recently deceased mother Kristian was looking for relief whether he knew it or not. With two albums to her credit, Kristen Hall was also at a life-defining moment in time. While she enjoyed her music, the emotion of their sound pulled at her spirit. She says. “They were driving me into the ground,” she says. “Every night I sang them and every night they kept me in that place, and I just wanted out.” After these two saw the light present in their musical energies they decided they would need a singer. Enter Jennifer Nettles with a great soul country twang that positively reaches into the hearts of listeners. When these three met in Hall’s basement, they started to work on the tune ‘Baby Girl’. After playing and singing together the three of them found their ‘groove’. Right then Kristen left the room for a short time, only to return laughing to tears. Jennifer says, “We connected so well and the sound was so good, it was such a fun sound. There was a moment when we just said, ‘Wow.’”

With their first CD, ‘Twice The Speed of Life’, you heard the musical influences from artists like the Police, Eagles, Tanya Tucker and .38 Special. This second CD, 'Enjoy The Ride' is a complete rush of country music sound. The first cut off their newest CD, 'Want To' is just a taste of what you'll get throughout the entire product.

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The country music band that keeps us coming back for more gives us a new reason to hit the iTunes music store with their new release, 'Enjoy The Ride'. While the great sound hasn't changed from this band their group roster has thinned down by one member, Kristen Hall. Sugarland first emerged onto the country music scene from Atlanta with roots as different as the artists in the band. The creative triumvirate of Sugarland began as Jennifer Nettles, Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush. Nettles is known for her powerful vocal talents and emotional connection with audiences. Kristen Hall had completed two successful solo CDs. Kristian Bush is known for his work with Billy Pilgrim and his Americana rock stylings. What brings such diverse artists together for such a great sound? After meeting, these three made an immediate connection somehow understanding the music they were creating sounded like nothing else in the musical marketplace. It took Mercury Records little time to sign Sugarland to a record deal since after only 4 gigs this trio was selling out 1000 seat venues.