Steve Azar's country sound is rooted in the firm, fertile creative soil of a Greenville, Mississippi upbringing. Born on April 11, 1964, Steve Azar is the fourth of five children, he has two brothers and two sisters. Even as a kid, Steve knew he wanted to be a great musician/songwriter. He's well on his way with the current release off of his debut CD, "Heartbreak Town", and the hit single, "Someday". Taking the advice of many of Music Row's influential movers and shakers, Steve moved to Nashville and hasn't looked back.

Steve lists as influences for his music such varied artists as Hank Williams, John Denver, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. Each of these strong musical winds can be heard in his music, and the force he exerts in every song shows his rapidly expanding audience this singer is living out the dream of a lifetime. He says, "The feeling I get inside when people accept my music is beyond any other feeling I've ever experienced. I know I'm one of the lucky ones who's been given the opportunity to do what I love most. This album fulfills a fantasy I've had since I was a kid, a dream I hope will never end."

Steve is on the road right now and if he hasn't been to your town already, look for him in the near future.
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