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Onstage she’ll make you think you’re watching the country music edition of Mary Lou Retton. She hits the stage and makes no bones about it, she’s there to give the best to and for her fans. Born in Buckhannon, West Virginia Skyla Spencer was born to be a country singer. Growing up around music, Skyla spent most summer evenings by fire light, surrounded by her parents, her brother, aunts, uncles and cousins, singing to the sounds of guitars, banjos and mandolins. Hearing Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash songs from an early age, this struck a chord within Skyla and there was no question that she was hooked from the first time she heard these songs.

Skyla says of her musical upbringing, ““I will never forget how powerful the music was on those hot nights. It was almost like a bonding agent among my family members. The more we sang together, the more we embraced each other.”

Skyla was performing by the age of 5 for her church on Sunday mornings. By the age of 13, she started singing with her cousin’s country band at local festivals, weddings and other events. It was also during this time that Skyla took dance lessons, ice-skating lessons, cheerleading, and gymnastics.  Little did Skyla know that all of these components would mold her into the high energy performer she is on stage today.  Her influences, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Patsy Cline, and Reba McIntire’s music instilled in her the drive and determination to take the leap of faith and come to Music City.  The stage befriended Skyla and through this growing process of performing on stages as a dancer and singer this inevitably lead Skyla to Nashville to search for her life long dream. To be Nashville’s next country star.

This beauty does come with brains, too, as Skyla earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Dance and Psychology from West Virginia University. While in college, she took voice lessons and acting classes, and was a member of the Orchesis Dance Ensemble and Mountain State Jazz Ensemble. It was during this time that Skyla started writing her own music and choreographing dance routines for state fairs, festivals and talent shows where she was invited to perform.

Having experienced great success with her music at various state-sponsored events, Skyla decided to record her first CD at a local studio-Lone Wolf Records. The album titled, "All I Want", was recorded in 2000, and was composed of fourteen original tracks. Her first release, Hero, reached number one on Indie Tracker, and her follow-up single, "Caught Me Lookin", climbed to number one on Inside Country. Her third release, "All I Want", reached number three on the Indie World chart, and "Chuga Choo Choo reached number one on the Indie World chart in 2002 and charted on New Music Weekly.
On June 17, 2001, Skyla was named New Female Vocalist of the Year at the Golden Music Awards in Nashville. During this time, she also maintained her role as owner and operator of Kelly’s Academy of Dance, in her hometown, where she taught Ballet, Jazz, Modern,Tap, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics. Skyla also hosted her own local Country/Gospel TV show which aired in Buckhannon, WV.

While Skyla truly loved being a dance instructor, and having her own TV show, she realized that if she really intended to pursue a career as a country music artist, she would have to make a conscious decision to move, not only wholeheartedly, but also geographically, toward it. Next stop, Nashville!

Upon arriving to Nashville, in a bright yellow car with two cats, Skyla landed a job coaching gymnastics in Franklin, TN. She taught gymnastics for three years and also met many people in the music business working at the gym. During this time Skyla felt she needed to hone her craft as a songwriter, singer, and musician. So she enrolled in guitar lessons, took vocal lessons with Mandy Barnett, and also dance classes-Hip Hop, to help her become a better performer. I also attended songwriter workshops, seminars, and artist workshops affiliated with NSAI and BMI.

Skyla currently is represented by Wildfire Publicity, Acme Music Group, and also non-exclusively with Sharon Smith Talent Agency in Nashville on acting, commercials, etc. Skyla also recently started her own independent record label, Winter Creek Records, and is starting her own publishing company as well.

Skyla is paving her way through the Nashville scene.  She also has international recognition.  She recently headlined an Armed Forces Tour in Nov./Dec. 2006 and traveled to Guam, Singapore, Japan, and Diego Garcia to sing for the United States Troops.  For more information on Skyla and where you can find her soon visit