Sammy Kershaw in 2003 is a man with a mission. He's planning a comeback. Not that the multi-platinum selling artist has himself ever been away. Since his debut on the music scene in the early 90s, Kershaw has remained one of the most consistent power hitters in country music both with a chain of major hit records and sell-out touring schedules. Kershaw's comeback mission is driven by his dedicated, all consuming passion to return to the music of his raising country music, to its rightful throne on the radio airwaves and in the hands of the fans.

Key to Sammy Kershaw's plan for country music re-claiming its roots and recapturing the spirit that made it great: The recording studio. Sammy recently aligned with the massive creative engine of Koch/Audium Records, a label whose innovative and aggressive move into the country marketplace has been a major shot of adrenaline to Nashville's Music Row. Like Kershaw, his new label shares a vision for the future of country music, as well as a deep respect for its roots. "Man, for someone like me who had George Jones' music imprinted in my DNA before birth, the last few years have been rough as a fan of country music," noted Kershaw candidly in a recent national interview. "Country music is not a formula. It's a music with its own soul and I'm all about saving that soul!" Kershaw's current album I Want My Money Back on Koch/Audium promises to be a much-anticipated first step in that plan of salvation.

I Want My Money Back (Sammy's new single) now impacting at radio is the opening volley of what fans can look forward to. Always confident, he doesn't anticipate fans will be asking for refunds. For the newest Kershaw project, the singer's soulful sound and Cajun vocal kick is being teamed with the genius of producer Richard Landis whose efforts, like Sammy's, have lined his walls with platinum. Sammy's vibe about his latest studio venture has all the earmarks of a proud father talking about his new arrival In music, everything is timing. I knew when we were in the studio working on the new album that we had something radio and fans are ready for…the feel of the album is a return to the kind of country music I, and a lot of other people, have missed. Powerful words from a man who has picked, written, and sung a lot of hits.

Often referred to as the heir apparent to the legendary voice himself, George Jones, Sammy Kershaw helped make the '90s a shining decade for country music. The comparisons to The Possum haven't stopped with Sammy's vocals. Like the legendary teaming of George with Tammy Wynette, the real life love story of Sammy and Lorrie Morgan has had all the threads from which the finest of country songs are woven. Their long and winding road to togetherness took more than twenty years for two of country music's greatest voices to culminate into a permanent harmony. The two were wed in September of 2001. To the delight of fans, the first Kershaw/Morgan duet album, I've Finally Found Someone, captured a rare blend of country music hearkening back to the musical magic of Jones/Wynette. It's a comparison not lost on Sammy, who grew up in the Cajun country of Louisiana on a diet of crawfish and country music. The oldest of four children, the tragic loss of his father, matured him even faster than the clubs and honky tonks he was performing in while still in his teens. He speaks openly today of years spent battling substance abuse and addictions. "It's not a period of my life I'm proud of but I do talk about it to encourage kids not to follow in my footsteps," Kershaw recently noted. Helping others is a subject close to the heart that beats within what might often appear to be a tough, macho exterior. Sammy Kershaw is, in fact, a softie when the subject turns to kids. If proof were needed it stands in his hometown of Kaplan, Louisiana. There Sammy has established the Sammy Kershaw Foundation. Its outreach has extended through donations so far of more than a million dollars in aid to children and child related charities. With projects that extend from granting wishes through Make A Wish Foundation to establishing camps for crippled children, the foundation exists to fulfill Sammy's simple goal of improving the lives of children. In the course of breaking into the ranks of stardom in country music, Sammy Kershaw has made contributions to more than just the charts. His platinum albums were propelled into the records books by hits such as She Don't Know She's Beautiful, I Can't Reach Her Anymore, National Working Woman's Holiday, Love Of My Life, Cadillac Style, Don't Go Near The Water, Haunted Heart, and many other milestones. In the dawn of 2003, Sammy is committed to prove that goals are made to be surpassed. His touring dates, both as a solo artist, and with the love of his life Lorrie Morgan, are true events in today's country music. Life is good and Sammy has a lot to sing about these days. He's banking on more hits to come… and in the days we face of high taxes, high prices, and economic woes, country music fans hold the prospect of being once again made a little richer thanks to Sammy Kershaw.

Like most of the folks working in the country music community, Sammy has never allowed the whimsical mandates of the world media community to form his opinions. That being said, in a recent interview with DJ Bill Cody on Nashville radio station WSM-AM Sammy made these comments on the war with Iraq: "With the way US Intelligence is, I figure the President and the White House knows more about what's going on in the world at any given time than I do. For instance: I was workin' out on my farm one day and an agent from the US Agriculture Department comes drivin' up my drive. He proceeds to talk about what a great day it is, how good the farm's lookin' and in the course of our conversation, he pulls out from among his papers, this detailed map of my farm. This map, he explains to me, was photographed from a satellite in outer space! 'Outer space!' I repeat and he shakes his head 'yep!' That tells me if US Intelligence knows theirs a rosebush on the side of my office from a satellite map from outer space, I believe they can tell me if Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. I back my President 100%!"

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