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Almost every single country artist you speak to mentions their musical skills come from the experiences of the life they live. If that's the true measure of an artist's potential then rising country artist Ryan Weaver has a wealth of memories from which to draw. Born on 14 February 1973 in St. Petersburg, Florida, Ryan was adopted and raised at 10 months along with his older brother Aaron A. Weaver by Michael Weaver of Inverness, Florida. After moving around the state of Florida throughout his childhood, he finally settled down in Floral City where he would live until graduating high school. Ryan joined the U.S.Army in July of 1991. With eleven people in the household Ryan grew a strong belief in family values.

Ryan can trace his singing back to elementary school plays. But he actively started singing country music in 1993. This included the usual performances in local bars and restaurants most artists do when they begin the journey to Music Row. When he was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, just outside of Kansas City, Kansas Ryan added performing at local gigs to his growing musical résumé. In 2000 he attended Army flight training at Fort Rucker, Alabama where he became a well known face in local singing contests around nearby Dothan.

After being re-stationed to Germany Ryan continued singing overseas. When deployed to Baghdad, Iraq he wrote two songs. On January 8, 2004, his brother Aaron was killed when the Blackhawk Medivac helicopter in which he was riding was shot down. Ryan returned from Iraq from combat to attend Aaron's funeral. At that time he decided to actively pursue a singing career in country music. Upon returning to Alabama from Germany he entered several singing competitions. He won the opportunity to open for George Jones. He also became the runner up in the Military Idol competition for Fort Rucker. It was then he began singing with his current band "RYDE". Though Ryan's style is pure originality you can hear the influence the likes of Travis Tritt, Hank Williams, Jr. and Garth Brooks when he hits the stage.

Listening to Ryan Weaver will probably put your mind between old and new country. But the more you listen the more you'll probably enjoy what you're hearing.

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