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How can you keep the originality flowing when you think you're down to your last shred of imagination? Dream Big, which incidentally is the first single off of Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband's first CD. The sound from this band is unlike anything else you've heard. Ryan Shupe knows this and says all five band members, Roger Archibald (guitar, vocals), Colin Botts (bass, vocals), Craig Miner (banjo, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin and vocals), Bart Olson (drums) and Ryan Shupe (lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin and guitar) absolutely eat up anything musical. Ryan says, "There's something magical about a band," says Shupe. "I really like how it morphs and grows and ebbs and flows like one entity."

Drummer Olson also says, "A lot of times it's kind of an adventure to figure out how each song will end up, because nobody really knows when we start out."

Listening to Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand you get sounds from a lot of different musical places coming together in the world of country-folk-rockabilly. The whole CD is definitely worth a listen from "Banjo Boy" to "Hey, Hey, Hey".