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There are few entertainers who can generate instant audience anticipation from a crowd of bluegrass aficionados. One of the few entertainers able to do this is bluegrass talent Rhonda Vincent with her band The Rage. While it might make for a great Hollywood screenplay to say she was endowed with some sort of otherworldly musical talent by chance, it wouldn't be anywhere near the truth. Rhonda has lived music her entire life. She began singing in her family's band, the Sally Mountain Show, at the tender age of 5. When she turned six she began to play the drums. By the time she was ten, she could play the fiddle, guitar, bass, banjo and dobro. In 1971, she released her first single which was a solo of 'Mule Skinner Blues'. Rhonda managed to produce 8 albums by 1985. By the end of the 1980s, Rhonda had signed with Rebel Records. Crafting some outstanding work for Rebel Records brought her to the attention of the major labels on Music Row. Her unequalled work had brought her many fans up to then. Two country icons, Jim Ed Brown and Dolly Parton among them, both with whom she recorded later. Rhonda produced two outstanding CDs for Giant records, Written in the Stars in 1993 and Trouble Free in 1996. By the time 1999 rolled around, Rhonda decided to engage in a little rage. Not throwing mandolins and fiddles around, though. She attracted a group of top bluegrass pickers and called them 'The Rage'. She then signed with Rounder Records intent on recording some top notch bluegrass. Her CD 'Back Home Again' was released in January, 2000. With the success of this CD, Rhonda followed it with the June, 2001 release of 'The Storm Still Rages'. Rhonda's latest musical triumph, 'Good Thing Going', is a great look at life from the perspective of a person with strong roots in the country life and the bluegrass tradition. Catch our review of 'Good Thing Going' here. Find out more about Rhonda through our vodcast or her website found here: