You would have to be pretty myopic not to notice attractive country star on the rise Rachel Holder. But there's more to Rachel's onstage presence than just her looks. She's out to prove that every time she takes the stage. At the tender age of 17 years Rachel doesn't take the opportunities in front of her or the work involved with her career lightly.

Rachel says, “I’ve already learned that it takes more than a few good songs to make it in Nashville. These days, I don’t think that there’s any one formula for success, necessarily, but I know you have to have faith in yourself, passion for the music and a serious will to succeed. And great songs!”

Rachel has been performing all her life. Growing up, she split time between attending school in Chattanooga and performing theater shows in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. By the time she learned to drive, she had already added more than 800 Broadway-style shows to her resumé. In many of these performances she played two or three shows a day to packed houses. With this experience she decided she would make the trip to Music City to prove she had what it took to make it in Nashville. With a new single out and a debut album in the works, Rachel is poised to be a star in Country music, and perhaps beyond.

Rachel exudes confidence. This comes in quite clearly when she tells the story of how she first approached a country icon about singing a duet. When she was 15, Rachel attended an intimate Vince Gill concert in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her parents. In between songs, the aspiring singer raised her hand and boldly (yet politely) asked to join the superstar on stage to sing a duet. Vince, surprised and somewhat amused, agreed, and only moments later the two were bringing down the house with a version of “Oklahoma Swing.” (Search for it on YouTube and see for yourself). Then there’s the story of Rachel successfully booking herself to sing the national anthem at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game at only 14-years-old. Rachel Holder is, in a word, fearless.

Rachel’s debut single, “Chocolate,” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this engaging young lady has a thirst for originality and a creative streak a mile wide. “Chocolate” is pure pop-Country brilliance, but it also belies Rachel’s intensity and seriousness as a true artist. Look no further than her a cappella version of the Roy Orbison classic, “Crying,” – sung in Spanish, no less – to understand the depth of her talent (also on YouTube). However, it was Rachel who wisely recognized the light-hearted appeal of a song like “Chocolate” to release as her first single.

“I chose that song because I could really relate to the lyrics, and I think that a lot of other women will, too,” she laughs. “I’m excited about the way the song has come together, and I really think that the video for it is such a unique concept that people will definitely stop and take notice,” she continues.

Working with renowned Nashville industry veterans such as acclaimed producer and publisher Chuck Howard, film and television producers Marvin Baker and Ann Gillis and songwriter Bill Luther, Holder has set herself up for success. Naturally, in Rachel’s mind, failure is not an option.

Still only 17-years-old, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty has come a long way from the stages of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but the path she’s on in Music City should take Rachel Holder much, much further.

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