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The honest integrity of life and how people react to its changes is where country music begins for most successful country musicians. Most acts trying to get signed to a deal sometimes think they have to balance what they are to their audiences now with what they think will be marketable to the record companies with which they will eventually sign. But Ryan Hakker, Mike Jacobs, Tommy McCarthy and Dustin Medeiros, known collectively as Poor Man's Poison, show if you keep making the same kind of music that got you to places like the Texaco Country Showdown the success will follow. These gentlemen have been playing all kinds of genres of music as a group, in one form or another, for around ten years. That kind of familial interaction has paid off and in a big way as they won this year's Country Showdown competition. This group of friends has met challenges which would have defeated most groups without their focus. To illustrate this fact is the story of their drummer Dustin Medeiros who, after being diagnosed with tinnitus, thought he would have to put Poor Man's Poison and the music he loved behind him. The group was coming apart after producing only one great album. In fact, group members singer Ryan Hakker and Mike Jacobs continued working on more acoustic music on their own. They even got a show together at a place called Lush in Hanford, California their hometown. Right around that time Dustin made a few changes, borrowing a stand up bass, expecting nothing more than playing a one-off show. On their second day of practice, guitarist Tommy McCarthy arrived with a mandolin he had borrowed. Dustin says, "After he played that first hook melody we knew we had a band. It was out of our hands."

Ever since then Poor Man's Poison has gone farther and faster than they ever have before. They've already completed their second album entitled Friends With The Enemy. After hearing what they can do on the stage of the legendary Ryman Auditorium there's nothing stopping Poor Man's Poison after winning the 2013 Texaco Country Showdown. Keep an eye and ear out for this remarkable band of storytellers.

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