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The first thing you notice about Michelle’s voice is its pure honest tone when she sings. This is probably a result of her family who surrounded her with music from day one. In fact, Michelle Cupit will be the first to tell you she really didn’t have a choice in being a musician. But I doubt she would want to do anything else since she’s a natural behind the microphone. Texas-raised Michelle Cupit puts her heart into anything she does. Her successfully growing career is a clear sign of that. Michelle grew up in a musical family. Her grandfather played mandolin and lap steel guitar. Her father played fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. She was born in Arkansas but moved to Texas when she was a child. Michelle also trod the path of most successful country stars by starting out singing at church fairs, and festivals very early. In Michelle's case her first performance was at five years old. She received a paddling in the first grade for singing “Don’t Come Home A Drinking With Lovin’ On Your Mind” in her music class. How’s that for making an early impact on your audience? She also says she grew up with a love for the fiddle and artists like Patty Loveless, Ricky Skaggs, and The Whites. A musical foundation like that prepared her for the musical heights of Music City very well. Her husband/producer asked her to sing some demos of some bluegrass songs he had written and the rest is history. With the well earned nickname of Bluegrass Baby Michelle Cupit is well on her way to continuing a great musical path with the release of her CD aptly entitled, Bluegrass Baby.

The CD is a pure, clear example of true bluegrass sound with a touch of new country. The title cut is a nice tune that should get you tapping your feet instantly. But there are cuts like 'Long Black Hearse' and 'She Played Him Like A Violin' that will make you think of the mournful tunes of old. If you enjoy original bluegrass Michelle comes at you with all strings blazing. Michelle and her husband Jerry wrote all the songs on this CD.

Find out more about Michelle Cupit through her website and her MySpace website.