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Marlee Scott isn't your typical interview. The first thing you come away with is a feeling this artist knows a thing or two about the world but can put the whole thing into perspective and laugh at it. That's also the feeling you get listening to her latest song, "Train Wreck". Sure, we've all had those dates we'd like to to be medicated enough to forget about. Marlee Scott, though, makes the whole experience sound great.

As a teenager, Marlee knew she was born to be a singer. The only problem being Marlee was ready to make fame happen instantly, fully expecting to fulfill that destiny before she was even old enough to drive!

Marlee says, "I remember always wanting to be a singer. When I was fourteen years old, every night before I went to bed I would tell myself that I would be a recording artist by the time I turned fifteen. It didn't happen quite that fast, though!"

Born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, the Scott family moved to St. Albert, Alberta, when Marlee was only six years old. It quickly became evident which direction her musical career would take.

Marlee spent her childhood and early teenage years learning guitar and taking vocal lessons, but it turns out that it was a chance car ride with some of her friends that led her back to her affection for Country music.

Marlee says, "Country music has always been a part of me, but around the time I was sixteen, I was listening to a lot of Pop music on the radio. I remember riding around in the car with my friends one day, and a song we didn't like came on the Pop station, so we switched it over to the Country station. Alabama's 'Mountain Music' was playing. We liked the groove, so we left the radio tuned to Country. I guess we just never changed it back!"

Alabama may have brought the teenager back to her roots, but it was songs like Rascal Flatts' "Prayin' for Daylight" and Emerson Drive's "I Should Be Sleeping" that pushed Marlee to try her hand at writing Country material. So, while most of her friends were participating in school activities, Marlee devoted all of her free time to riding her horse, Sidra, and to writing and recording her music.

Marlee's first album,Souvenir,was released in Canada in 2005. It introduced the young singer to the Country music masses, but more importantly, it generated enough buzz to showcase her songs at various festivals and fairs around the country, garnering invaluable performance experience for the rising artist.

Before recording her follow-up effort, however, Scott moved to Nashville in the summer of 2007. She spent months writing material for the project, which eventually caught the attention of veteran industry executive Gerry Leiske. Leiske was intrigued by Scott's natural ability as a singer and songwriter, and in 2008 he signed her to a management deal. Under Leiske's guidance, Marlee released her self-titled sophomore album, establishing a solid foundation for her developing career in the States.

"By the time I recorded my second album, I had grown up a lot," Marlee reveals. "I had experienced love and heartbreak; I moved to Nashville, away from my family and friends and made a new life for myself in Music City. I was so much more comfortable in the studio at that point, and I think you could hear a new maturity in my music."

The resulting album earned Marlee a coveted nomination in the Rising Star Award category at the 2010 Canadian Country Music Awards, as well as a 2010 nomination at the Canadian Radio Music Awards. Not one to stand idly by, Marlee capitalized on the momentum of her critically-acclaimed sophomore effort and quickly released the international hit, "Here To Heaven." The track went Top 20 in Australia and Canada and shot to the top of the charts in Europe. Within months, plans for her first U.S. release began to take shape, bolstered by her new label deal with Leiske's BigRide Records.

"One of the highlights of my career so far has been signing with Bigride," Marlee says. "The entire team is behind me and that is such an amazing feeling. I feel like they have invested their time and energy into helping me develop as an artist, and we are all extremely excited about this new project for 2011."

Produced by David Kalmusky and penned by accomplished songwriter Marcus Hummon, the album's first single is the shimmering "Beautiful Maybe," an up-tempo gem with a positive spirit and message that fittingly reflects Marlee's personality. With "Beautiful Maybe" due out this summer, and the album set for release later this year, Marlee is ready to hit the highways with her new songs.

"I cannot wait to get out on the road and start playing my music for everyone!" she says, beaming. "There are parts of the U.S. that I've never been before, and I'm getting ready for my first official radio tour down here. I am so pumped to meet everyone at Country radio!"

Growing up in the community of St. Albert, Alberta, the down-home, small town spirit is alive and well in Marlee Scott. Her fun-loving demeanor, coupled with her accomplished skills as a musician, songwriter and vocalist, have prepared the rising star for a long career in the States. and beyond.

"It's the storytelling and honesty of Country music that I was always drawn to," Marlee says. "I hope people hear and identify with that on this album. Lyrically, these songs represent who I am more accurately than anything I've ever written before."

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