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For most of us when we talk about home we think of friends, the happy times and the changes in our lives that make us what we are today. Mark Wayne Glasmire understands this feeling very well. You can definitely tell that too in the way he writes and each time he takes the stage.

When Mark was ten for Christmas his parents gave him a guitar. Mark believes that simple gift set him on a course for musical success. He says, "That was the moment that I knew music was what I wanted to do." High school came with the usual distractions most of us face around that time: sports, work, more sports, more work, etceteras. But even though this musically extracurricular activity took up a lot of his time, Mark always returned to his love of music at every first opportunity. While in college, Mark earned a B.A. degree. Past that, though, he learned while making extra money playing coffee houses around campus the real cash comes when you make it big.

Like a lot of other artists, Mark did the two or three 'real' job career thing while letting his musical dreams simmer. He did writers' nights in Nashville at places like the Bluebird Cafe and the Wildhorse. He also explored the New York City folk scene. Each one of these steps giving him a better idea of which musical career direction to take. After living life between New York, Nashville and the rest of the world Mark settled in Arlington, Texas.

Pursuing a record deal is tough, which is probably the understatement of this millennium. Mark does admit his disappointment at times with the business. After chasing a deal in Nashville Mark says, "I was a little disillusioned. But I kept after it." His talent and ties to Texas made Mark a popular fixture in the Texas market, opening for Guy Clark, Dierks Bentley and other big name acts. He put a lot of heart and his experience into the CD, "Life Goes On". With this CD and the rest of his music Mark made his name and reputation as a stellar artist known. He enjoyed several hits, and won several songwriting competitions. His awards include First Place Honors in: B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Competition - Dallas, TX, Dallas Songwriters Association International Songwriting Competition - Dallas, TX and GINA/LAWIM Songwriting Competition - Los Angeles, CA. Mark took the Grand Prize in the County Song division of the 2010 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (held at Merlefest).

After meeting with disappointment on his first run at fame Mark did keep at it. The result of this pursuit is Going Home. Hearing this song will remind you of why you you miss what makes home your touchstone when you're away from it. It reminds me of why I smile instantly each time the wheels touch the runway at Nashville International Airport.

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