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Her voice is almost as classic country as the Grand Ole Opry itself. Lorrie Morgan's voice immediately brings to mind country standards like, "Five Minutes", "Something in Red", "Watch Me",and, "What Part of No". Ever since she took to the Grand Ole Opry stage to sing, "Paper Roses", with her father, country icon George Morgan in 1975, she's moved quickly to establish her own status as the genuine article. In 1984, Lorrie became the youngest person to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Lorrie Morgan's trophy room is contains many of reminders of history she's made. This includes fourteen top-ten hits, twelve albums, seven of which have one gold and platinum, and four Female Vocalist of the Year awards. Her duet partners have included the likes of Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys. With all these accomplishments it would be easy for her to rest on her laurels. But that's just not Lorrie.

Lorrie's continued musical success has given her great insight into what makes a song work for her as well as the listening audience. Her latest musical offering, "A Moment In Time," shows just how good a judge Lorrie is for picking the right song. Her voice adds new life to this collection of country classics like, "Cry", Time You Get To Phoenix", and, "Are You Lonesome Tonight". The song, "Easy Lovin'", is a great blend Lorrie's voice with Mavericks' lead man, Raul Malo. No complicated musical lessons or statements here. Just straight up country ballads the way it used to be, and should continue.

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