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When you think of Long Island, New York your first thought probably isn't going to be a great place to start a country music career. But that's exactly what it is when you talk about country music phenom Lisa Matassa. In fact, when you listen to Lisa sing you're probably going to wonder what other country band startups might be sprouting back up east. Another thing you might notice about Lisa's songs & performances is the importance she gives to the story each of her songs tell. Storyteller that she is Lisa does have a kaleidoscope of colorful experience from which she draws giving a clear, passionate image for everyone listening to her music.

Growing up Lisa was operatically trained with a resonantly powerful pop voice. She also recorded two top-10 dance singles before she was 20. The songs were huge hits in the U.S. and abroad, earning her performing slots on concerts with such acts as Taylor Dayne, Brenda K. Starr and TKA. Born on Long Island, but raised in south Florida, Lisa had always loved singing along to records by Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash, part of the divergent roots of country. Listening to the masters of country she realized more and more that country music was where her heart was. Capitalizing on country’s contemporary rock-tinged arrangements, Lisa found she could blend the natural heartfelt soul of country with her own stylized brand of New York edginess. She's not exactly what you would expect from her background but that turns out to a wonderful thing. She is now considered Long Island’s first bona fide country artist and has opened shows for Dierks Bentley, Leann Rimes, Thompson Square, Eric Church and most recently, Ronnie Dunn at a “Vets Rock” concert at Brookhaven Amphitheatre in Farmingville, NY. Recently Lisa was asked to sing the U.S. and Canadian anthems during the Delaware Ohio County Fair as part of the event’s prestigious Little Brown Jug harness racing event, which draws thousands of fans annually.

She says, “No one would think a girl from Long Island would want to sing country music. But I live on an island with almost 8 million people, and there are so many country music fans now that the timing just seems right.” Even though she's heard Nashville is the place to be to have a successful country career, Lisa views the fact that she lives outside Nashville and is raising her family 30 Miles from New York City as an artistic advantage. She says, “I want people to say, okay, here’s a woman who is not your typical 20-something country music recording artist -- she’s actually singing about what happens after you meet your Prince Charming, after you walk through that fairy tale of a relationship and you realize okay, now you’re married and now there are children and now there are bills and things you have to do. I really wanted to have songs that people can relate to on a different level.”

About her music Lisa thinks he songs need to say something the listener and her actually relate to. She says, “I don’t think country music fans care where you live or what age you are. It comes down to being able to evoke an emotion in a listener where that person can turn around and say, wow, she’s singing about something I felt just an hour ago . . . she’s singing lyrics that express just how I feel! I’ve been there, too, I’ve felt that way – oh, and by the way, who is she?”

Her latest CD, Somebody’s Baby, gives Lisa another chance to connect with fans showing how well she communicates the stories of real life to you and me. Somebody's Baby takes you down a path showing the colorful trail she's blazed through a collection of songs that are both personal and dynamic. Three of the tunes on the EP were co-written by Lisa herself (“Wouldn’t You Like to Know,” Girl with a Rock ’n Roll Heart,” “Learning as You Grow”) coupled with three covers made famous by other artists (Dolly Parton, Bryan Adams, Nat King Cole). The album’s lead-off track is Lisa’s third single, “Somebody’s Baby,” which is also included as a bonus music video.

This album is Lisa’s third country-focused recording project, following last year’s Me Time and Sunrise Highway released in early 2012. Her single, “Me Time,” went straight to number one on CMT’s video charts shortly after its release. Her take on the seasonal heartgrabber, “The Christmas Song,” also hit number one last December and remained top five on CMT’s holiday chart during the entire Christmas season. With such unprecedented success out of the box, Lisa hopes that “Somebody’s Baby” will prove equally popular with country music fans. The song’s music video was directed by Traci Goudie, whose work includes videos for Hunter Hayes, Diamond Rio, Merle Haggard, Patty Loveless, Patty Griffin and more. Shot against a scenic countryside backdrop with vintage clips underscoring the song’s message, the video beautifully showcases Lisa’s passionate delivery and artistry.  From the opening “Frank and Lisa” heart carved on a tree trunk to the interspersed scenes of a young couple’s wedding and memories of small children growing up, “Somebody’s Baby” visually captures the feel of the lyrics while spotlighting Lisa’s powerhouse vocals.

“The past two years have been a whirlwind for me,” Lisa explains. “My dreams are coming true, and I’m so grateful and thankful every single day. It’s exciting to wake up every morning and you really aren’t sure what’s going to happen. Every day is an amazing experience, and at this point in my life I’m appreciating everything more and more.”

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