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Don’t let his ranching background fool you, though. Kyle received a hands-on course in how to get along with others from his grandfather early on. Kyle’s grandfather entertained the famous and powerful at his ranch as Kyle watched. This learned ability to deal with people from any situation or background definitely adds to Kyle’s intuitive sense on stage. Another thing that adds to Kyle’s unique style is his diverse musical interest. You’re just as likely to find Dean Martin as you are Merle Haggard or Mozart on Kyle’s iPod. At the tender age of 18 the inner voice that most of country’s best and brightest hear compelled him to put his money where his mouth and talent were. About his move to Music City Kyle says, “Nashville has been good to me. After growing up sixty-five miles from nowhere, then moving to a metropolitan area with over one million people, I didn’t know what to expect. But, Nashville has taken me right in and I am proud to call it home.”

Kyle is rapidly building a fantastic reputation as he takes his music to audiences at various rodeos, fairs and festivals all over the USA. From sea to shining sea you’ll be hearing more from Kyle as he shows the rest of the world just what it means to be a ‘Real Deal’ in country music.

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His voice communicates the true essence of that which is seen as country music. Kyle Wyley is the genuine article when it comes to his music and more. A fourth-generation rancher, Kyle Wyley grew up on his family’s cattle ranch in northeastern New Mexico 65 miles from the closest city. Hailing from a strong family built on a foundation of hard work and commitment, Kyle learned early in life that dedication and determination are key ingredients to success.