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Kevin Welch was born in Long Beach California on August 17th, 1955. While it might be natural to assume from his talent he emerged with guitar in hand, he was brought up as typically as any kid. Well, other than the fact he traveled extensively until he was seven. It was then his family decided to plant some roots in Oklahoma. Kevin graduated from Midwest City High and spent one semester at the music school of Central State in Edmond Oklahoma. From that point he joined a bluegrass band, dropped out of school and hit the road. The rest, as most would say, is history. Kevin traveled a honkytonk curcuit for 5 years in a truck named Phyllis with a band called New Rodeo and then a band called Blue Rose Cafe. During this time, Kevin met his first wife, Jennifer Patten, got married, then moved to Nashville. He started writing for Tree International in 1978. He wrote for 10 years, got some cuts, started earning a living. He had 3 children, Dustin, Savannah, and Ada. Jennifer and Kevin split up but still stayed such good friends that almost all future girlfriends of Kevin’s plus one shrink said that they are ‘still married’. Several friends, including Steve Earle, Don Schlitz, Mark Germino, suggested Kevin get a record deal. With help from Music Row veteran Paul Worley, Kevin signed with Warner Bros. He made 2 records, ‘Kevin Welch’ in 1990 and ‘Western Beat’ in 1992. In the mid '90s, Kevin and friends Kieran Kane, Harry Stinson, Mike Henderson and Tammy Rogers started their own label, Dead Reckoning Records. They released 21 records over the next 7 years, toured individually and also together as a collective called A Night Of Reckoning (with Fats Kaplin and Allison Prestwood) through the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Europe, and Canada. For those of you who saw this tour, you know it would be a mistake to call the performances anything but fantastic. Around two years ago, Kevin and Kieran started traveling together with a 2 man show–2 guitars and 2 voices. They made a live record in Melbourne Australia called ’11/12/13' and kept on with it because as Kevin writes,"it was so much fun and actually pretty good too." In the years 2000 and 2001 Kevin completed a record with his friends from Denmark, who everybody just calls The Danes. Kevin thinks it’s real damn good, but so far “Millionaire” has only been released in Scandinavia, the UK, and Australia. This would account for all the questions coming to CyberCountry from budding country music fans in Europe asking for information on Kevin, the Danes and 'millionaires'. To be perfectly honest, it had been years since anyone at CyberCountry had heard from Kevin. But 'Millionaire' is a welcome return gift for the rest of us. Songs like 'Millionaire' and 'Blanket of Snow' are a cool combination of the bluesy sound with that country twang. Other songs like 'The Sun King And The Winter Moon' offer a western feel through the steady guitars and the cowboy beat. Speaking of cowboy rockin', the song 'I Can Sure Love You' offers countryphiles the chance to hear how good rockin' country should sound. All 12 tracks on 'Millionaire' are a pretty good display of the wide talent Kevin has. It's just too bad Europe got to hear it before the rest of us. But we'll let that slide since it sounds like Kevin's Danish adventure produced a pretty good piece of musical real estate.

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All photos courtesy Elemental Consulting and Compendia Music/Dead Reckoning.