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When you see the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially in the spring or fall, it's tough not to come away with a feeling of awesome inspiration. Country artist Keith Bryant comes from this part of Virginia, bringing with him every single experience he's made there.

Growing up, Keith used his musical gift performing at his church. He also formed his own gospel band. Not bad for a budding childhood musician. By the time Keith turned 15 he decided to learn how to play the piano. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in that it gave Keith another musical skill to add to his growing repertoire. Bad in that is gave him the excuse to skip school occasionally to go to church and practice his new found talent. While performing with his band at local churches, audiences were captured by Bryant's compassionate voice. He entered several talent competitions during his teenage years and usually left with a trophy and a smile. At the "Gospel Teen Convention" competition Bryant earned the honor of Best Male Vocalist. Soon after, he began performing with local bands and at age nineteen won Best Male Vocalist honors at the "East Coast Country Music Championship." Bryant then formed his own band, "Ironhorse," named after a song he wrote as a child. Touring with the band taught him a valuable lesson: the fans come first.

Keith's musical skill hasn't escaped the notice of some of Music Row's most notable executives, either. Music Critic for Music Row Magazine Robert Oermann says, "Keith Bryant, whoever you are, my best wishes for your success." Oermann awarded Bryant a DISCovery Award and Honorable Mention for his debut CD, "The Secret to Life."

After hearing Keith sing Lofton Creek Records President Mike Borchetta knew he had a song that matched Keith's style. The song, 'Ridin' With The Legend' was released in March, 2004 on Lofton Creek Records. The release of the first single, title cut and tribute to Dale Earnhardt, has been a phenomenon for Bryant, maintaining airplay on country radio for over 10 months. With this airplay and his music video on GAC, "Ridin' with the Legend" has become an anthem for country enthusiasts and race fans everywhere, propelling Bryant into the country spotlight.

Keith's upcoming year includes working with a new record label, S+S MACK Records. The debut single from Keith's newest offering was 'Live It Slow'. This song first started airing on radio in October, 2006 followed closely by the video release for this song in December of that same year on CMT and GAC. "Live It Slow" features all new material written by the best and most accomplished songwriters in Nashville including Brett James, Jeffery Steele, Stephony Smith, Raymond Davis, Jon Edwards and others.

Keith takes this success on the road later this summer to share his unique look at life through his music with his growing fan base. To find out about his tour dates and fan club information take a look at his website: