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It’s not exactly the same path you see most country stars take. But with a voice and a talent like Kassie Depaiva’s it’s doubtless any path exhibiting her talent is a bad one. Anyone who watches daytime television probably knows exactly who Blair A true belle of the Bluegrass, Kassie is every bit the country songstress she was when she began her rise to stardom.

Kassie was born Katherine Virginia Wesley on March 21 in Morganfield, Kentucky. She was named after her Aunt Kas Spargue and her Aunt Mary Virginia. Kassie has two older brothers and a younger sister.

Kassie got her name from her Aunt Kas, as well as a love for red poppies. Kassie says the biggest influences on her life growing up were her parents. Kassie is very proud of her Bluegrass heritage.

As a little girl, Kassie loved to play with dolls, especially Barbies. Kassie also collected Madame Alexander dolls. Kassie also started painting at age 10. It is something she still loves to do, although she has very little free time to pursue it these days. Growing up Kassie was very social, a leader, and a decent student. Kassie debuted on stage when she was in the 5th grade. She says there was never really an age when she thought she would become an entertainer, and that it was never her goal to be famous. She just did her thing and it all just kind of fell into place.

Kassie was a member of 4H, the church choir, and was a cheerleader in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. She was also very active in her junior and senior high school speech and debate teams. She was President of her Junior Class, Vice President of her Senior Class, and was voted Most Talented. On top of all that Kassie managed to fit in time to be Miss Union County Fair and Union County Junior Miss.

Upon graduation, Kassie decided to study at Indiana University. During her first two years in college Kassie worked at Nashville’s Opryland as a singer. By the age of 18 she debuted on the Grand Ole Opry singing two country classics, “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man” and, “Satin Sheets”. Two years after her life at I.U. began she decided to take her acting chops and head to the University of California at Los Angeles to study theater. While she lived in Westwood she concentrated on acting. Kassie’s first audition garnered her a role in an ad for Wendy’s. But the acting classes at U.C.L.A. didn’t mean she was giving up her singing career. She became member of a four part harmony band called ‘Newport’ which performed all over Southern California.

Opportunities took Kassie away from college as she was invited to travel with the U.S.O. to Japan, Korea and Okinawa. She loved the travel and the life experiences offered by the exotic locations. When she returned to the ‘States, Kassie sang behind soul singer Bobby Womack during two tours of America, one tour of the U.K., as well as one of his CDs. Later, Kassie was one of his guests as he was inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Kassie returned to acting after touring with Bobby Womack. Her first professional acting role came quickly as she landed the role of Bobbie Jo in the feature film, “Evil Dead II”. Kassie says she learned much from film director Sam Raimi as they shot “Dead” in North Carolina.

Upon her return, Kassie auditioned for a role on the soap opera, “Guiding Light”. She got this role a month later playing good girl Chelsea Reardon from 1986 to 1991. She considers it a great experience to this day, and says the best part of it was that she got to sing on the show. Kassie loved Guiding Light, but decided after four years that it was time for her to move on to other endeavors, and left in 1991.

Kassie did spread her talents around to other prime time television shows such as Melrose Place and the syndicated series Baywatch and Time Trax. She also auditioned for the role of Amanda and the soap opera Another World, but didn't get the part. It was then that One Life to Live contacted her about the role of Blair Daimler. Kassie says she auditioned for Blair knowing she was totally wrong for the role, but she thought, "Hey, I've got nothing to lose!" She went in for the audition in Los Angeles and just had fun. Then she had to do her screen test for John Loprieno. Three weeks later, she had the job and moved to New York City.

Kassie’s move to One LIfe To Live also brought her to her husband: OLTL co-star James DePaiva. The two of them were married in the Union County Courthouse in Morganfield, Kentucky. In 1997, they had a son named James Quentin, after James’ father and Kassie’s father. Their son, J.Q., was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss. At the tender age of a year and a half little J.Q. had a cochlear implant. Now J.Q. is seven and doing well.

Kassie has always maintained a strong connection with her musical background. During a slow period for her character, Kassie recorded her debut CD, Naked. Fans had been asking for it for years, and when David Nichtern, who writes music for OLTL, joined the project, everything fell into place. Kassie says Naked came from her heart, and is very happy with the way it turned out. She hopes everyone takes the time to listen to the sample tracks on this site. Guiding Light and OLTL fans will recognize Simply Love, which Kassie wrote, and has sung on both shows. James also does a duet with Kassie on the CD, a Steve Wiener song, Natural History.

Kassie and James also live a wonderful life in NYC. JQ is in mainstream elementary school and is a thriving second grader. Kassie is very happy with her life, and still feels that Blair is the best character on daytime television.

Kassie’s latest musical offering, “I Want To Love You”, is a great example of how her musical connection has remained strong to her roots. You do hear influences from Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline in the songs, “Too Little”, and “Since You Said You Loved Me”. Kassie does give great interpretations of all the tunes on this CD which come from some of the best songwriters in Nashville and beyond. She does, though, contribute her songwriting talents to the songs, “Sweet Southern Love” (co-written with Dan Christian) and, “Get Over Here” (co-written with Robert E. Boykin. This is definitely worth a download to the iPod.

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