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The daughter of an engineer and accountant, Roberts has been singing as long as she can remember. She performed at every opportunity, including class musicals, summer camp productions and beauty pageants. During junior high and high school, she spent her weekends playing festivals in the Southeast. She spent summers working at music shows in Carowinds, a theme park in Charlotte, N.C., and Dollywood in East Tennessee.

She attended the University of South Carolina-Lancaster for two years before transferring to Belmont University in Nashville in order to focus on her music. She performed in local clubs and restaurants until graduation, after which she landed a job as the assistant to Luke Lewis, Co-Chairman of Universal Music Group Nashville. Without telling any of her co-workers, she began working during her off-time with producer Brent Rowan, who eventually played the Julie Roberts demo to Lewis without telling him who it was. Floored by the demo, Lewis asked to meet the singer, so Rowan directed the surprised music executive to the young woman sitting just outside his door.

Many doors have opened for Roberts since, forever changing the life of the petite blonde who has fond memories of singing along to the country songs blaring out of the radio in the white truck belonging to her mom. She has learned a tremendous amount about life and herself on this remarkable journey, from white trucks to red carpets. As she walked across some of the nation's most famous stages and rolled down the backroads to too-often forgotten small towns, she's learned that it's the sojourn she relishes, more than the final destination.

"I'm happiest on the road. That is my salvation and people get that when they come to my shows. I love playing; that is what I have always loved. I make out my set list before the show and I think about where I'm playing and who I am playing for. We change the set list every night, most of the time. It’s what I dreamed about my whole life. When I step on the bus and into that back room, something comes over me. Every time Luke Lewis sees me, he says, ‘Are you still having fun? You’ve got to like it, Julie; it’s your life.’ And I do. I’m having the time of my life.”

For everyone who enjoyed Julie Roberts’ first self-titled CD, her latest ‘Men and Mascara’ won’t disappoint. Men & Mascara, produced by Byron Gallimore (Lee Ann Womack, Faith Hill), is an impressive collection of songs certain to stand the test of time. After touring non-stop for two years, Roberts has honed her signature vocal style and developed a newfound confidence that she unleashes on her sophomore release.The amazing thing about the songs on this CD is the emotional history you get with each note. Most of us can identify with the feelings we hear in songs like ‘Smile’, ‘Too Damn Young’ and ‘Lonely Alone’. Of the 12 songs on this CD (and downloadable for your iPod through the Apple Music Store) Julie had a hand in writing 4 of them. If you’ve ever want to find that feeling that somebody really gets what heartache is all about then ‘Men and Mascara’ is a must have for your iPod or CD collection.

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The thing that sticks in the mind of most people about Julie Roberts is her voice. The clarity of feeling communicated with each note she sings makes you think of the joys or past romances, the fun of being in the moment as well as the deep blue tragedy of heartbreak. But her career has been anything but tragic.