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Joanna Mosca gets your attention. She generates an immediate connection with her presence and charm that makes you want to hear the stories she tells. She has an entire library to share of stories, too. Her experiences include being a nurse, a mom, an actress and a performer. All of those different facets of her professional career come together in a melodious combination when you hear her or see her perform.

As a singer/songwriter, musician, actress, mother, daughter and wife, Joanna Mosca brings a wealth of life experiences to her dynamic new EP, LET IT ALL BEGIN. The six-track outing offers a fresh new sound to Country radio and its audience, presenting Mosca's immediately identifiable voice on relevant, well-written songs that should appeal to listeners both youthful and mature. LET IT ALL BEGIN explores Mosca's vibrant Country/Pop sound, and she credits Producer and Grammy Award winning artist, Bryan White with "shaking things up" a bit. "He was so easy to work with," Joanna notes. "Originally we were going to sing a duet together, but when that fell through due to label conflicts, he offered to produce the project for me." For Mosca, one door's closing was indeed the opening of a door to a different opportunity. "I'd still really love to sing with him someday, but it was true serendipity when he took the Producer's chair," she recalls. Bryan and Joanna have created a disc that offers a magical blend of "thoughtful" songs, vibrant energy and honest emotion. White comments on Joanna, noting, "Her voice and music are an extension of the beautiful and energetic person she is." He adds, "Joanna is one of those artists who just makes the whole process fun and it's been an honor to work with her." For Joanna, the project is a big step forward. "I feel this record is true to me artistically and really represents where I am musically," she states.

Joanna kicks off the new EP with her current single/video,"Dream On Savannah,"an up-tempo song that pulled on Mosca's heartstrings the minute she heard it. "As a parent, you hear about the horrific emotional effects of 'bullying' in schools and this song addresses that issue in a way that I believe will appeal to both school-age kids and their parents." This deceptively sing-along number possesses two positive core messages: 'bullying' and the importance of staying true to your dreams. The high-impact video, directed by Steven Weaver (Montgomery Gentry, Craig Morgan, Jeff Bates) of Revolution Pictures, was filmed in Nashville and can be seen on The Country Network (TCN),, and

The dynamic"Would You Still Be Here"follows and the richness of Mosca's voice is simply mesmerizing. Tender emotions meet in a lover's challenge on a track that owes a nod to Brandon Hood's "Rock God" electric lead guitar and Jimmy Butler's throbbing B-3.

"Keep On Driving"pulls the listener into a tale of reflection, doubt, decisions and the choices made at life's crossroads, while the poignant White-written"I Guess That Says It All"reflects on missed chances and a love that's gone. The hooky title track,"Let It All Begin,"embraces the evolution of spirit and the thrill of challenging the rules.

The "country as dirt" duet with Lonestar's Richie McDonald,"Where Does Good Love Go,"is surprisingly seductive. Mosca and McDonald sound like they were born to sing together; their blues-infused voices add a sense of cohesiveness to a track that pairs traditional Dobro and Banjo sounds with an eclectic mix of electric guitars, drums and keyboards. Joanna calls McDonald a "dream duet partner" and notes that his vocals were "perfection." She adds, "He's also very gracious, professional, generous, down-to-earth and funny!"

With her recent success, an outsider might see Joanna's life as "charmed." But this jeans and t-shirt kind of gal has endured her share of challenges just like the rest of us. Her mother suffers from Alzheimer's and one of her two sons struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder. "There are hardships in everyone's lives," she admits. "But I work out every day and I listen to great music to relax, including Adele, Brad Paisley, Springsteen and The Beatles." A mix of Italian and French ancestry, Joanna also loves to cook; finding the process enormously relaxing and restorative. She feels blessed to have a wonderful husband who is a published poet and believes that their creative connection is truly a gift. Joanna learned patience and persistence from her son and the importance of personal integrity, honesty and courage from her Dad. Joanna's father passed away eight years ago, and that loss prompted her to change her life dramatically.

"I was working in Hospital Administration at the time, but I really felt in my heart that he believed I should be giving of myself in a different way." Mosca had always loved music and she has a musical gift. Her mother had urged her to study the piano for years and her father was a talented singer. Joanna got her first taste of performing during school concerts and by the age of 13 she had formed an all-girl band. Now a grown woman, the stakes would be much higher so Joanna raised the bar even further. With her husband's full support, she quit her job and began taking acting lessons at the prestigious HB Studio's in New York City, where her teachers included Uta Hagen and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

She would go on to star in a series of three one-woman shows in NYC that reviewers (Backstage,The Village Voice) praised, describing the "amazing range and emotion" of her voice and declaring her performances "captivating and entertaining." Mosca recalls it as a time of dramatic change. "It was momentous - challenging - all of that. But fun, too, in a scary kind of way," the petite brunette says from her home in Bedford, NY. The younger of two children raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, Mosca might have seemed an unlikely candidate for Country stardom but looks can be deceiving and for this lover of Patsy Cline, there was no choice but to "go Country."

Armed with never-ending determination and a bushel of talent, Joanna quickly began working her way to fame, releasing three consecutive Top Ten FMQB AC Radio Chart singles between 2006 and 2008 on her own Dolce Diva music label. In 2010, Joanna released her first full-length album,JOANNA MOSCA, which contained six of her original songs. The album's first single,"Keep On Going"earned critical acclaim in both the Country and Adult Contemporary markets and shot onto the Billboard Top 30 AC National Chart. The song's success earned her a spot on Music Connection magazine's Top 100 Independent recording artists list. She released several additional charting singles and was named to the CMA's "Who New To Watch" list in 2012.

While Joanna is definitely excited about LET IT ALL BEGIN, she remains down-to-earth and is dedicated to several charities, including: Habitat for Humanity, KIVA, OxFam,Guiding Eyes For The Blind,Puppies Behind Bars,The Hunger Project and theI Have a Dream Foundation. She has also mentored inner-City youth, and continues to give back whenever and however she can. "I take every day as it comes and try to do my best. I want my music to stay relevant and resonate with the listener. Music is like life we all experience it differently. I just want to bring a little joy to my fans. Then I'll be happy," she says.

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