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A lot of great music comes from those who make the complex thought of everyday life seem like simple questions answered by simple solutions. That's exactly the who Jeff Orr is. This North Carolina native was born and raised in the simple farm life. From this Jeff received influences not from the rush of city life but from places like singing in church and playing banjo for the Tarheel Cloggers. One of Jeff's most influential occurrences happened when he lost his mother when he was a little kid. Jeff began writing from this event to express his thoughts on this and many other challenges he faced in life. At the age of 18 Jeff headed to Nashville. He signed his first deal with Chory records. Jeff later moved to GBS Records where he recorded his first album of all original material. As Jeff's first hit began to chart he became confused as to the direction his career was heading. He left Nashville at this time. Jeff then began working in gospel music. During this time he formed his own gospel bluegrass band. After this experience he decided to become a part of gospel artist Paul Williams' band. Jeff spent 4 years writing, recording and touring with Paul. After this experience Jeff began to write and play for Trey Hensley.

Jeff's songs have been recorded by such groups as Larry Sparks,Linda Lay,Springfield Exit,Blueridge,Stacey York, Rob Nichols,Kentucky Sassafrass,The VW Boys and many more.

Jeff has decided to expand his own musical career once again with the release of his own. The solo release consists of 14 songs. Twelve of these tunes are originals coming straight from the mind and pen of Jeff, as well as 1 by Peter Cooper and the other by Tom T. & Dixie Hall's GOOD HOME GROWN MUSIC and the sole artist on their' BLUE CIRCLE COUNTRY label. Of Jeff's musical ability the Tom T. and Dixie Hall write, "Jeff Orr is such an all-around talent it's not easy to do him justice in a few words.Ask Paul Williams,George Jones, and Tom T. Hall. All have encountered Jeff along lifes' way and all were caught up in his ability to write,sing and now record his brand of true blue country music.He is also a great performer, and while pulling for his success we hope he will always find time for us."

So the next time you're looking to settle in for a good, honest does of country done right take the time to give Jeff Orr a listen.

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