Jeff Carson first drove onto the country scene in 1995 with the heartfelt hit 'The Car', which transported him to the top of the charts, sweeping the ACM 'Video Of The Year' into the Carson win column in '96, and careening him unto the radar of radio, the industry, and a legion of new fans. Coming off an across the boards #1 with "Not On Your Love," "The Car" seemingly put the soft-spoken Arkansas born young singer in the fast lane to superstardom.

Then the hit engine stalled. A mid '90's career chart slump made the checkered flag of victory, temporarily at least, only a bittersweet memory. But, as it's now being provenyou just can't keep a good man in the pits!

In 'REAL LIFE,' as in country music, JEFF CARSON is now savoring the sweet success of being back in the race, leading the competition, with a reborn hit presence at radio, thanks to the stunning impact his latest single 'REAL LIFE' has had in putting 'the heart back in the charts.'

Request phones have rung off the wall for the poignant, sentimental song, vocally targeted perfectly by JEFF to hit the listener's ear, make a direct bounce to the heart, and linger there to strum a string or two. Co-written by Neil Thrasher and Jim Janosky, the song already being bantered along the corridors of Music Row as a possible Grammy contender, struck an instant chord with JEFF, his producer Justin Neibank, and the label family at Curb.

"We were really looking for a more uptempo song when we found 'Real Life,' JEFF recalled in a recent interview-"but when I heard it, it sent chills down my spine! It talks all about the steps you go through in life-like a little boy's dog dying-which was his first taste of real life. But it was the last verse that really got to me"

'By your side, scared to deathfelt the pain you were fighting. Placed my palm on your headspoke your name, just keep trying' "My first thought on hearing that verse was 'Oh, no! I can't sing another song about someone dying-like I did in 'The Car!'"

The 'hook' in the hit surprised and touched JEFF as much as its proving to touch listeners. The end of the song is not an ending but instead a beginning-a new life coming into the world-ironically, much as the song itself is birthing new life into the career of the very deserving young man that sings it. Now, soon to come is his much awaited new CD, named for the hit. On it, JEFF will get to strut his stuff-not only vocally-but as the gifted songwriter he has grown into during the last several 'quiet years.' His writing skills have been finely polished, shining with co-writers of top caliber, such as Jim Weatherly and Noah Gordon. The sensitivity and heartfelt sincerity so evident in his 'real life' personality, embellish his words and music. The thrill of having Kenny Rogers handpick a CARSON penned song-"Until Forever's Gone"-for his latest project was anything but lost on the writer himself, who will tell you with an appreciative ear-to -ear grin, "to have Kenny record that song is one of the greatest thrills of my career so far!"

If this is Jeff Carson's 'real life' thus far, it sounds like a pretty good place to be...

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