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An avid sportswoman, she has hunted North America extensively as well as Mexico, South America, and Africa. She has several animals that qualify for the SCI Record Book. Irlene is proficient with a handgun, shotgun, rifle, and crossbow. She is very competitive in all sporting events, even as a racecar driver. She is an active member of several outdoor groups such as Quail Unlimited, Buckmasters, and a life member of National Wild Turkey Federation, NRA, and Safari Club International. Irlene has served several years at the Sportsman Against Hunger banquet.

Irlene Mandrell continues to be a grand display of variety in all aspects of her professional life. She's many things including countrywoman, mother, glamorous star, and someone you feel really comfortable with when you're around her. She has one of the most recognizable faces of today. A devoted mother of three, Irlene still finds time to pursue her career. Actress, singer, dancer, comedian, percussionist, hunter, spokes model, and car racecar driver, Irlene does it all.

Irlene Mandrell and the Nashville Palace are giving this musical dynamo the chance to show off her talents in a new stage show. If you'd like to see what a true professional looks like on stage take the opportunity to catch Irlene on stage with her band over the next few weeks at the Nashville Palace (across from the Opryland Hotel) in Nashville, TN. For more information on Irlene, show times or tickets check out or Irlene's website at Be sure to catch our interview with Irlene on the CyberCountry Vodcast, too.

Every one of us who remembers the colorful days of television in the 80s remembers variety shows that managed to take us away from the real world with a genuine display of true talent. One of the best shows of this genre was Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. This Sid and Marty Kroft production ran from 1980 to 1982 NBC. When the show ended its run it offered the Mandrell Sisters many opportunities to show off their great talents elsewhere. The youngest of this musical powerhouse, Irlene, has never really stopped making great music and turning heads since she began singing as a kid.

Irlene has been made for the stage and camera since she began singing. While she's probably better known for her role on the hit NBC show Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters she also managed to win two awards for comedy acts of the year from Music City News. Irlene has also looked for opportunities in film, television, and video. Most of her fans also recognized her talent as a star on the show Hee Haw where she had an eight-year run until the close of the show. Irlene has also made several appearances on television shows such as The Love Boat, Oprah, The Tonight Show, The Mike Douglas Show, and many game shows. She also co-hosted Bright Lights & Country Nights and This Week in Country Music, televised benefits with names such as George Lindsey, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Jr., and many more. Irlene has had a wonderful career as a model for several companies such as Cover Girl shoes, Lanne Skin Care products, and 9West shoes.