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There's something about the sound of bluegrass that makes you feel like you just walked back into your hometown. It's refreshing, welcoming and comfortable. That's the kind of feeling you get when you listen to the Grascals. That's exactly the way they want it, too. This group of friends turned musical act have had many years in Nashville to develop this uniquely colorful piece of harmonious Americana.

Band members Terry Eldredge, Jamie Johnson and Terry Smith are great friends and they cut loose on driving solo vocals and soaring trios with equal fire and passion when they sing. As an instrumental unit, The Grascals have never been better, as mandolin virtuoso Danny Roberts, fiddler Jeremy Abshire and banjo player Kristin Scott Benson lead the charge. As a result, their cutting-edge modern bluegrass is delivered with a knowledge and understanding of the work of the founders of the music. Timely yet timeless, The Grascals make music that is entirely relevant to the here and now, yet immersed in traditional values of soul and musicianship. It's a unique sound that has earned two of their previous releases (THE GRASCALS, 2005 and LONG LIST OF HEARTACHES, 2006) Grammy nominations for International Bluegrass Music Association's Best Bluegrass Album.

The Grascals are among the most beloved and acclaimed bands on today's bluegrass scene, having won SPBGMA's Bluegrass Band of the Year award in 2010, the International Bluegrass Music Association's Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2005 and earning its Entertainer of the Year honor in both 2006 and 2007.For those who know them, the quick emergence of the group came as no surprise, for these are musicians whose roots and crossed paths reach back over more than two decades in bluegrass ensembles like the Osborne Brothers, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time, the Sidemen and New Tradition. Their roots can also be traced back to Nashville's larger musical community, where The Grascals have been able to draw on legends like Bobby Osborne, George Jones, Vince Gill, The Jordanaires, Steve Wariner, Lloyd Green, Paul Craft and others for songs and for performances in the studio, on stage (including multiple guest appearances on the Grand Ole Opry), and for national television appearances, including on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, CBS's Early Show and Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends.

Because of those experiences and those friendships, The Grascals embody a profound grasp of and familiarity with country and bluegrass tradition that made them a natural choice for Dolly Parton to turn to for recording and tour support not long after the group was created in 2004. The group continues to push the envelope and, in 2010, The Grascals joined The Rowdy Friends Tour, traveling far and wide with Hank Williams, Jr., playing before huge crowds, expanding their fan base and exposing new audiences to the diverse and unique "BluGrascals" sound.

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