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One of the first things you think of when you think of Texas is the original spirit and enthusiasm of its citizens. Coming from that kind of background is singer/songwriter Fidel Hernandez.

Fidel grew up in the Rio Grande Valley learning to love the traditional Mexican songs his father sang to him. Eventually he turned this passion and appreciation for his ancestry into his own blend of traditional and contemporary style music. Like other artists, he did his share of small gigs starting out. He began his career playing at weddings and on the weekend with a local band. Eventually this hard work on the foundation of his musical career paid off. Fidel moved to Nashville in order to hone his craft and get the notice of those in the industry. He has written with some of Nashville's most respected songwriters, such as Greg Barnhill. Fidel also toured for three semesters with the University of Texas renowned Mariachi band, winning the coveted first place trophy at San Antonio's statewide competition for the best overall Mariachi band. Fidel holds a Degree in Criminal Justice, too. How many performers have that claim to fame?

A few years after graduation, the singer signed with PolyGram Latino. Entering the studio to record after seven years of live-performance experience gave the young artist an opportunity to re-discover the inspiration of his fatherís passion. Fidel remembers, "My father said, 'Feel and communicate the music, you must listen to the lyrics." Fidel closed his eyes and imagined what he was trying to say to the people. I painted a picture of both the audience and what the song was about.' Currently, Fidel is in Nashville writing and preparing to record his first country album.

Fidel currently is performing at the Nashville Palace. Keep up with his current tour schedule, songs and more through his link here. Do catch the CyberCountry Vodcast with Fidel here.