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No matter how you look at it you cannot deny the lines differentiating music genres has been blurred.  What was once thought to be clearly pop can now be considered as folk or new country or whatever.  The Nashville sound a lot of us know and love has remained true throughout this evolutionary process.  With that in mind the musical marvel that is Derek Hoke bids rock n' roll a fond farewell, for now at any rate, with the release of his CD, "Goodby Rock N Roll". 

Derek, a self taught guitarist, composer, singer, and independent spirit, was a fan of KISS if, for no other reason, their great theatrics and stage presence.  But Derek's grandfather piqued Derek's interest in country music by keeping it on the radio and around Derek constantly when he was growing up.  planted the country music seed in his brain by playing it constantly while he was young. The traditional Nashville sound most of us remember from the old days, too.  This comes through loud and clear when you listen to 'Goodbye', too.  Born in Georgia, grew up in the Carolinas, Derek has had some experience spicing up his perspective on life.  He played his guitar in bars around the state, moved to Greenville North Carolina when he was 18.  He worked in record shops and movie theaters taking every chance he had to immerse himself in art and music. After a few years and visit to Nashville Tennessee to see the likes of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, and Los Straightjackets, Derek moved to Nashville.  Derek has sacrificed time, sleep and a lot of the other comforts the rest of us would give up for our career.  This hard work paid off, though, as Derek did make enough of a good impression on people like Ricky Skaggs, who he toured with for 3 years and saw almost every state in the union. While these all seem to side line Derek on his way to becoming the artist he is now, they are clearly important on developing his own sound. To sum up: Derek is a man that shows his experience, both with his constant relationship with music and his travels in life.

Living in Nashville, Derek began recording what would be his latest offering, "Goodbye Rock N Roll", late in 2008 with producer Dexter Green. It was time to capture his sound and that's exactly what he did. The result of this combination of hard work and laser light focus on the mission is a “throw-back “ record with a modern fair.  While you might think of the shine of an Opry show when you hear Derek, the sound communicated of that of your basic honky tonk.  Songs like, “The Finer Things”, show getting into a country frame of mind is easy when presented with the right melodic line and lyrical description.  Derek thinks a lot of old country tunes are pure inspiration that's not seen by some of the other musicians out there today.  He says,  “Patsy Cline’s ‘Walking After Midnight’ was a constant inspiration.  I want to write songs like THAT.”

Derek Hoke has definitely been around the block a few times.  But he's absolutely set down his base and roots in Nashville.  Of his love of music and of Music City he says “It took me a long time to get here…. this IS my home”. If you get out and hear Derek at one of the local venues or hear, "Goodbye Rock N Roll", you will be very glad he bid rock 'n roll and everything with it farewell. 

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