She gets described by some music journalists as the Comeback of the Year. But anyone who knows her career and her music know she really didn't go anywhere outside of her usual time consuming process of finding the right songs. Obviously we're talking about country's English Rose, Debbie Nunn. With her new releases of, "Bubbles", and "Summer Sun", the time she's taken to research her new material has paid off for her audience. Her successful work is well founded and supported by her husband and manager, Spencer. Anyone who has ever met the two of them together can see in a hearbeat how their love for each other translates into some fantastic music.

In March 2004 Debbie met producer/songwriter Spencer Jaye whilst both were working in the Caribbean. Spencer had written tracks for the legendary Nashville based publishing company Acuff-Rose. During his time writing country songs, Spencer had also been producing and remixing dance tracks for various record companies including Dome records and EMI Japan. As both shared many of the same interests they both agreed to start work on an album together when they returned back to the UK. "Always In My Heart" was the first track they wrote and produced together so the album goes by the same title.

"Always In My Heart really set the pace of the album which blends pop/rock with elements of modern country", says Spencer.

"We was very fortunate to have some fantastic musicians playing on the album with the likes of Rob Bond on pedal steel guitar, Max Milligan and Kevin White both on Electric Guitar , they are truly outstanding musicians and we felt very privileged to have them play on the album," adds Debbie.

The current list of tracks exhibited either through her website at or her site (search words: Debbie Nunn) show clearly her wide range of talents. With the rocking country song "Born To Love You" she shows what happens when you take a little Memphis sound, mix in a little Southern Rock and put an English twist on it. You will also see Debbie's producer, Spencer, if you pay attention when you watch the video "Always In My Heart".

She is not exactly the first thing to pop into your mind when you hear the words country singer. But Milton Keynes original Debbie Nunn is all that and more as she puts her own original stamp on country from a British point of view. Debbie has worked for some of the finest songwriters and producers in the United Kingdom such as Barry Upton, Ronnie Scott and Tony Hiller. Career highlights for Debbie include performances with Madison Avenue and Vanessa Amorosi at last years Johnny Walker Cup in Perth,Australia. Debbie has also appeared alongside Alexander O'Neil and performed in Las Vegas, Russia, Singapore plus many more countries worldwide.

For more information on Debbie's next appearance or release check out Also take a look at our interview with Debbie in August, 2010 in London, U.K. through the CyberCountry Vodcast.

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