There is no one I can think of who actually likes to be thought of as just another random being in this world. Everyone wants to be recognized for their own unique contribution to society. Chris Cagle is one of those artists who can sing a rocking country tune in one minute, then turn around and sing a hearfelt ballad that will rip your heart out. In a time when many entertainment decisions are coming out of boardrooms rather than studios, Chris's unique and original vocal talent is far from being ordinary.

Of his debut CD 'Play It Loud', Chris says, "I tried to put as much emotion and passion into the record as possible because that's who I am. I love deeply and I hurt deeper. I want to create music that people can love to, hurt to, dance to, and always want to listen to." Almost everyone who has heard his music agree he's achieved this goal. USA Today said, "Cagle's over-the-top enthusiasm is bound to generate excitement." The Dallas Morning News raved, "Talk about energy. New country artist Chris Cagle blazed across the sing rocking country cuts from his debut album. He was on fire from the first note, barely slowing down for the occasional ballad, as he warmed up an otherwise chilly sundown." His fans follow him from town to town, forming bonds on his website as they share their passion for his music. It comes as no surprise Chris was equally influenced by country and rock artists. The Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Eagles had as much impact on Chris's music as the tunes of Conway Twitty and Charlie Daniels. The result of these influences is Chris Cagle's 'new traditional' country music that's a perfect fit for contemporary times.

Chris was born in Louisiana, but moved to the outskirts of Houston when he was four. Here he became immersed in the Texas culture which is still important to him. The son of an Exxon supervisor, Chris began guitar lessons at age six, but gave up after a year because it was too difficult for his tiny hands to master the large classical guitar. He continued to sing, however, and made his debut public performance at an elementary school talent show. He and two other fourth graders donned leather jackets, bought with money they earned by mowing yards, and sang 'Greased Lightning'. "Everybody went wild and that was it," he says. "I had to figure out a way to get more of that."

He took piano lessons throughout high school and began playing guitar again after receiving an Ovation acoustic guitar for Christmas during his senior year. The first song he learned to play was Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird.' Raised in a strict Southern Baptist home, he was not allowed to play rock music in the house, so he made a few musical modifications to keep his mother happy. "The way I learned to write was I would play Journey's 'Stone In Love' but I would make up lyrics taken from the Bible."

Like most teenagers in Texas, Chris spent a great deal of time on the football field, where he learned the discipline that he applies to his career today. "I spent my entire freshman year in high school on the bench. I decided, however, that by the time I was a senior, I would be on the field playing instead of on the sidelines watching," he says. With his father's encouragement, Chris spent weekends, mornings and summers in the gym. By his senior year, he earned All-District honors as a free safety. "I had to learn technique because I wasn‚t going to brute strength it," he says. "Teaching me how to be smarter than stronger is exactly what has helped me out in music. My grandfather used to say, ‚'Do one thing better than anyone else. And when you gamble, bet the ranch, but make sure you bet on yourself."

Cagle enrolled in the University of Texas-Arlington, but soon found himself skipping his finance courses to audit music classes. His nights were spent performing in Texas clubs. At 19, he realized he was wasting his time at school and left Texas to pursue music full-time. He moved to Nashville in 1994, spending the next five years performing odd jobs‚ from waiting tables and tending bar to being a golf caddy all the while polishing his songwriting skills. His writing improved after meeting writer Harlan Howard, who taught Chris how to write a true country song. Howard was so impressed with his student‚s efforts that he was the first to publish one of Chris‚ songs. Chris then landed a full publishing deal elsewhere and had songs recorded by David Kersh.

A few years later, a quirk of fate allowed Chris to take the next step in his career. Working at a restaurant, he began talking to a woman about music, and eventually he played her some of his songs. What he didn‚t know was that she worked at Virgin Records Nashville. She brought his music to the head of the label, and he immediately landed a recording contract with the fledgling label. Chris co-produced the album and co-wrote eight of its ten songs. With more passion than polish, the infectious, driving rhythms of 'My Love Goes On And On' and 'Country By The Grace Of God' capture the rollicking good times of a weekend in Texas. Yet in ballads like 'Safe Side' he poignantly captures the gut wrenching longing of a man who lost his love by playing it safe. 'Lovin' You Lovin' Me' describes the deep commitment of a mature love that has only grown more powerful with time. When Virgin Nashville shut its doors, Chris moved smoothly to Capitol Records, where a new version of his album with two additional songs on an enhanced CD - was released. 'I Breathe In, I Breathe Out,' written by Chris with Jon Robbin, was the first song that he wrote that was professionally cut, appearing on David Kersh's second album. It's become a fan favorite at his live shows and was a natural addition to the album. The second new song on the album is 'Are You Ever Gonna Love Me,' written by Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey. When he's not making music, Chris enjoys spending time at his home on three acres in Pegram, Tennessee. "I have grown to be simple at heart," he says, "and find my freedom in life by knowing my boundaries."

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