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Anyone who sees Chelsea Field perform knows without a doubt this is a performer with a ton of talent. This is fairly obvious. What most folks don't know is the wealth experience upon which this drive is built. Chelsea is described as being friendly, yet strong-willed and fearless by those who know her best. She says, "I've been singing since I was four years old. It's something that's in my blood and kind of always came naturally to me. I think it was the first time that I saw Shania Twain in concert that I really knew that performing, as opposed to just singing, is what I was really meant to do."

When she was 19, this Marion, Ohio native moved to Nashville, with the intent of putting the pieces in place for the release of her debut album, produced by award-winning songwriter and producer Trey Bruce. Bruce's client list includes the likes of Trace Adkins, Chris Ledoux, Sir Cliff Richard. People in the industry already knew of Chelsea's songwriting skills. Which is why she continued to write new material while fielding submissions from some of Nashville's finest writers in her search for just the right collection of songs. Finding the right tunes balancing her Country influences with her Pop interests took a lot of time. Chelsea knew this was time she needed to take as finding the right fit for her songs was paramount.

Chelsea says, "For better or worse, the songs you choose to put on your album determine how people perceive you and your style as an artist. It was important for me to find the songs that fit me, because while one song might be great for another singer, it won't come across to the fans as mine if it sounds like somebody else."

Chelsea takes the time with her career to notice and learn from other artists like Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Billy Currington, Phil Vassar, Dierks Bentley and Big & Rich. What they are doing to make their careers move in the right direction is something from which she wants to learn. She says, "Ithink that opening for those artists has motivated me even more as a performer, because I've been on those big stages, and I've felt the energy from those crowds. It just makes me want to work that much harder to get out there again on my own, because that's where I belong."

Catch this rising star when you get a chance. You definitely will not be disappointed

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