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In music, it's not every day you find such a good match for a tuneful grouping. But the pairing of Keith Burns and Michelle Poe are a great musical match.

Burns and Poe individually are no strangers to country music fans. Keith was a founder and vocal mainstay of the group Trick Pony. For the past five years, Michelle's has been the accomplished and eye-catching bass player and harmony singer for artists like Dierks Bentley and Hank Williams Jr. It wasn't just Keith and Michelle who knew they had the right sound. Producer James Stroud who introduced the two of them was confident they would be the right team.

Keith says of Michelle, "She's got these real silky vocals, real smooth and sexy and mine are real raspy and edgy. Together, it just works.

Michelle also adds, "We realized from the beginning that we had something special to offer. We clicked in every way"

While the sound of Burns and Poe was very good starting out, there was no guarantee they would do well songwriting. Keith and Michelle soon discovered, though, their match as performers transferred well to the realm of songwriting, and quite nicely. Keith has had songs recorded by acts like Hootie & The Blowfish, Joe Diffie, Sammy Kershaw, Anita Cochran and, of course, Trick Pony. Like her partner, Michelle Poe has a keen sensibility on what great country music entails. "It's about real life," she told one interviewer, "About honest, straight-from-the-heart emotions."

You definitely get the impression Burns and Poe make the perfect writing match as almost all the songs on their new CD they wrote themselves.

Keith is a true believer in the positive things the future holds for the musical team of Burns & Poe. He says, "As soon as our album goes platinum we're flying to all our shows. Michelle is a pilot, so weíll get us a little King Air, and the sky will be the limit for us."

You'll definitely be hearing from Burns and Poe soon as they hit the road to promote the upcoming release of their new CD. Keep up with their latest news at their website: or visit their MySpace site at