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Country music is all about telling a story based on the experience of the songwriter and/or the singer of the song. Texas native Brian Milson has a story to tell based on a firm foundation of life experiences that have not only given him the talent to weave a really great tale into a great song but to make a difference with the song he's singing.

Brian Milson was born and raised in Odessa, Texas and is a graduate of the storied Permian High School and the Permian Panther Football Program. Brian started singing in junior high school and it grew into a passion. At the age of 17 he picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play.

Brian was a member of the Permian High School Show Choir “Black Magic”, and that was really when he decided he wanted a musical career. “My music gives me a chance to express myself because I am a shy guy,” Milson said. “For me, it is easier to play and sing for people then speak in front of them.” Brian was raised on old traditional country and old rock and roll, so he has a wide range of influences. After graduation from high school, Brian attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where he received a Bachelor’s degree in business management.

In the summer of 2002, Brian started playing in clubs while attending school. “I was a collegiate troubadour,” he laughingly says. Brian has been playing all around the Texas circuit since he graduated from college in 2006. He also has played other states that include Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas, and New Mexico. Brian is currently working with James Stroud, a well-known producer in the music business for his national project. Obviously, Brian is well on his way to a successful country music career. However, the drive for a successful career is something Brian takes seriously. In fact, he's using his influence to make a difference in the fight against bullying. His new single, "Nothing Grows In Shadows", gives his personal take on his own bullied past. He says, "I was bullied as a kid, and I’m afraid I did a little of it myself, so this song means a great deal to me. The statistics are just horrendous–one out of four kids is bullied. On any given day, kids just stay home out of a fear of bullying. And 85 percent of the time, there’s no intervention. This is a song that addresses that.”

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