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Brian McComas is as country as they come. But he is far from your typical country up and comer. Brian thinks music should be something that’s not just a passing attraction for the listener. It should be a consuming experience that takes the audience from all sides. Brian says, “It’s not made to be a picture, it’s made to be a 3D experience. My philosophy is to have a good enough time on stage that it bleeds over. If people don’t see you enjoying what you do, why should they enjoy it? Entertaining people is important. We take our live show very seriously.”

Brian uses this strategy in his approach to all facets of his musical career. His new album, “Back Up Again” on Katapult Records is a great example of his use of this personal energy. Of this new album Brian says, “When I grew up reading about the business and watching other people make records they would go into the studio with some songs written, but not all the songs written. So my goal was not to corner myself into thinking everything had to be written before I started the recording process. About four or five of these songs were written in the studio. That’s one thing I wanted to make sure I did.”

Brian’s roots are in the musical hills of the Ozarks. He grew up in the little town of Harrison, Arkansas. He says, “When I was 14 I started moving from really loving music to wanting to write it. Once I started writing it I thought ‘This is what I want to do.’”

Next thing you know Brian began to make demos for local studios when he was 15. College called but music was his first love. In 1996 he came to Nashville and signed a publishing deal penning songs for Polygram. This is where he began working with publisher Doug Howard. A few years after this meeting Howard went on to be an executive at Lyric Street Records. Two of Brian’s hits, “99.9% Sure (I’ve Never Been Here Before)” and “You’re In My Head” got the attention of the industry insiders. This also got him opening for the likes of Chris Cagle and Rascal Flatts.

While performing is one dimension of his career he doesn’t want fans to forget another important dimension of his 3D skill set is songwriting. Brian says he grew up idolizing the likes of Paul Overstreet and Bob McDill, learning to appreciate the picturesque quality they brought to their craft. Of this he says, “When I write it’’s a soundtrack for other people’s lives. I love movies and I’ve tried to write screenplays but I’m not good at it. I love story telling and music has always been a soundtrack to life.

Brian has written or co-written 10 of his latest album’s 12 tracks. While he didn’t want to make a cookie cutter of his Lyric Street debut album he didn’t want to get away from the sound people have come to expect . Listening to ‘Back Up Again’ you hear the bluesy notes of “Good Good Lovin” backed right up to the rockabilly “Back Up Again” and Brian never misses a step. He also does a great cover of the Everly Brothers tune “Wake Up Little Susie”.

Brian will be getting out and showing fans exactly what is in his future through his music. Be sure and give this guy a listen.

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