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California gives the rest of the world the best entertainment found anywhere. Very soon you're going to have to include in that stellar group the name of Bre Dawn.

Bre Dawn has lived all over America, from the southern climes of Atlanta to the 10000 lakes of Minnesota to the sunny shores of San Diego. She brings a very unique interpretation to each song she writes and performs. Her first CD due out this spring is called 'Cali Country Girl'. It's that seemingly contradictory title that brings to life this artist so well.

Bre says she takes inspiration and influence from a number of different sources, and not a one of them is like the other. Industry insiders who hear her think she fits in the mould of cross-over singers who enjoy solid success in both the pop and country. Several times Bre has explained that her song stylings often are inspired by everyday things she sees around her in life. She clearly communicates this honesty in both her song writing and her great onstage presence. Anyone who has ever seen her perform know Bre reaches the audience almost instantly.

Though she is a relative newcomer to Nashville Bre has not been waiting to get her Music City career moving. In fact, even as her debut CD is heading onto the market she is already hard at work on her next project. Bre already has started to get attention from people in the business. In fact, she is working with some of the hottest songwriters and producers in America. She has also attracted an experienced Los Angeles based producer to oversee the creation of Cali Country Girl, a rare opportunity for a fresh talent.  

For those of us who have met and know Bre it comes as no surprise to see her produce a great piece of work when she goes onstage or in the studio. This kaleidoscope of experience gives her the chance to really connect with those who hear her. If the songs we've heard from Cali Country Girl are any indication what her future holds then Nashville is in for a treat.

Find out more about Bre Dawn through our CyberCountry vodcast interview, the iTunes Music Store link (top of page), her website at, her MySpace at or her Facebook page.