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CyberCountry's featured artist for May hails from the Bayou Country of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He comes from a relatively large family (three brothers, two sisters) that are tight as well as supportive of Jim's career behind the mike stand. With a voice as melodic and clear as Jim's, you'd never know he had to be talked into singing at his first gig. "I was scared to death," says Jim of his first onstage experience: singing at a friend's high school graduation party. But after singing two songs, his friends implored him to sing again. "I was hooked", he says, "They had to run me off stage."

The Louisiana bayou is a great backdrop to develop many other talents besides singing, and Jim is an avid fisherman and dirt biker. He also went to trade school to become a commercial diver. Not many country stars can put that in their bio. Being a diver, however, nearly took Jim's singing career away from him. During an underwater welding job, the singer injured his left hand badly. After treatment and intense physical therapy, Jim recovered very well. His excellent recovery can be seen through his skills playing the guitar.

Jim's travel down the road to Nashville began in the early '80s, just one month after his first stage performance. He began the trek between Nashville and Louisiana to get his foot in some difficult industry doors. As a first timer in the Nashville entertainment community, Jim did what the rest of us do until we get that big break: everything other than the job we want to do in the Nashville market! Working as a plumber, diver and homebuilder, Jim bided his time until his got his chance at stardom.

In 1984 that break came when Jim met a man that would later become a very good friend, record producer Randy Boudreaux. Randy and Jim hooked up a couple of times as Randy was touring Louisiana with his band. On one occasion, Randy was asked onstage to play with Randy's band. Through persistence, Jim managed to sit in with Randy's band despite a rule by the club where Randy's band was playing in Louisiana that didn't allow people from the audience to sit in with the band. Jim made an indelible impression on the audience that night. As time went by, Boudreaux remembered Jim's talent. In 1994, a four song demo tape Randy produced for Tony Harley (another very good friend, as well as manager of country superstar Tim McGraw), resulted in Jim getting signed by MCG/Curb Records.

Jim is 30 years old and married to his wonderfully supportive wife Angie. His favorite food is Cajun (there's a shock!). Though he's built houses for other people for years, he's now at work building a home for his family that will probably be as strong as Jim's chances for country music stardom.