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She's not the kind of typical musician you expect to find coming from the honky tonk circuit working venues in the South. Having spent the better part of the formative years of my career in journalism working in the Southern states I've heard a variety of acts that might give the average listener the idea there's a honky tonk factory out there somewhere just churning out singers. Typical, though, is no way to describe Anna Garrott. Growing up in Troy, Alabama, Anna had a great deal of support from her family and friends to pursue her love of music. Her grandmother first introduced her to country music at an early age—she was captivated by some of the greatest female artists of our time such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Kitty Wells. “There was something so pure and original in each of their voices that was simply magical to
me,” says Anna.

Anna as an exemplary student as her parents, both teachers, kept her focused on her studies as she went after her musical dream. She says, “I went to a very small high school with a graduating class of 50, which was the largest to ever come through the school. I received the honor of ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ and I hope I don’t disappoint the Pike Liberal Arts School Class of 2002!”

While the music was always with Anna growing up, she never really got the inspiration to write until high school. After the resultant pain of a sweetheart breakup, Anna did what any other good writer would do: she picked up a pen and wrote her first original song, "Happy With Her".

“It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 that I wrote my first song. You know the story…high school boyfriend cheated and broke my heart. I was so overcome with emotion that when I picked up the pen, it all came pouring out. Needless to say, the boy didn’t last and songwriting became my new love!”

After completing her marketing degree at Troy University, Anna got the chance to display her talents onstage by performing at a local bar where she worked as a bartender. Playing favorites like “Me and Bobby McGee” and “Angel From Montgomery”, Anna built a following of regular fans and began to play in the Panhandle area and around Central Alabama opening for artists like Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, Craig Morgan, Joe Nichols, Jason Michael Carroll and Gene Watson.

As any other talented artist who makes her/his way to Nashville knows it just takes the right person believing in your talent to make it big in country. For Anna that person was producer Rick Holt. Rick heard Anna as he was sitting in with a local band. A year later, Anna signed to the new independent label, Blue Steel Records, as its flagship artist. Blue Steel's management is Music Row veteran Steve Pope, and this indie label is owned by Vicki Carey and Jimmy White of Pensacola, Florida.

Anna's latest CD, 'Only Time Will Tell', is a great example of the style variety contained within this talented artist. The songs go from the toe tapping of songs like 'What A Way To Go', 'Get The Hell Out Of Dodge' and 'Trouble Is A Woman' to the heart touching of 'Silver Wings', 'Only Time Will Tell' and 'Pink Roses'. While it might sound good giving advice on a CD you like one of the ultimate tests is how long the songs keep your attention while listening to it on the iPod. Plugged in to my car stereo Anna's vocal artistry kept me entertained all the way from Franklin to the 'Row without a single urge to change songs. Quite honestly nowadays that's tough to do, especially for me. :-)

Steve Pope, Vicki Carey and Jim White have become Anna’s biggest fans and most influential educators in the industry; together, the four unveiled Anna’s debut album ONLY TIME WILL TELL in 2008, an album Garrott describes as “a blend of classic country and southern rock...Patsy Cline meets Bonnie Raitt.” The album has a hint of southern rock, shaken and stirred with a dose of traditional country.  Anna will release the first single from the CD, entitled “What A Way To Go” to country radio in the fall of 2009.

Anna’s complete originality and independence, tomboy perseverance, natural talents as a songwriter and entertainer and continued support from fans keep her on the road—delivering her brand of “Kick Ass With Class” to every show. With a firecracker persona and big, big voice, Anna is a big surprise in a small package!  But, what is no surprise…Pike Liberal Arts School students were absolutely right to predict Anna Garrott as…“Most Likely To Succeed! Succeed she will!

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