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The tiny details of human emotion are part of every day life, and a part we usually don't really make a point to notice. Some artists can take these details, though, and turn them into stories that resonate when they're interpreted through a song. One such artist with this unique capability is Alexandra Maddox. Alexandra comes to music from the fertile fields of imagination found around the town of Dothan, Alabama.

Alexandra's talent was encouraged and fostered by her family. She says though most of her family is creative, most of them work in the medical profession. Not the kind of creative genesis you would think of for a musician starting a career. But she says their talent and encouragement for her to develop her craft were just what she needed to get her music moving in the right direction. After graduating from Samford University in Birmingham, Alex made her way to Nashville. Hard work isn't alien to Alex, obviously. As she started her career, Alex has worked various jobs such as a horse trainer and a fitness instructor while playing clubs and networking with the rest of the Nashville songwriting community. She also works with the music ministry of Brentwood United Methodist Church while still pursuing her music career. Her first CD, entitled "At The End Of The Day", is a good example of her unique take on the experiences that we might see if we take the time to notice. All the songs from this CD are original and written by her. She says it took a while to find the right songs to put on this first release. One thing you will notice is the different influences you hear from the songs on, "At The End Of The Day". From the soul influences of Aretha Franklin on the song, "Love Is Enough" to the old country influences of Patsy Cline on, "The Cowboy Song", to the rock and roll influences of artists like Elton John on, "Play Me A Song", you will be shown a colorful panorama of song painted in vibrant colors by this Alex.

Find out more about Alexandra as she speaks with us on the CyberCountry Vodcast. Also take a look at her website: or look her up on Facebook or MySpace.